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BJ’s Liquor Lounge

BJ’s Liquor Lounge

Meat Raffle Sundays!

  • Author: Ben
  • Date Posted: May 21, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: 229 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Looking for the dirtiest strip club in town?  You found it. That’s not a bad thing.  It’s a blast.  It’s always a good sign when the strippers have to put their own quarters in the jukebox.  Since the Deuce Deuce (22nd Avenue Station) closed in Northeast back in October 2013, we only have one dirty strip club to offer but it’s as dirty as they come.  This is a spot where we only recommend you drink out of a bottle and if you get a can bring something to wipe the top with.  It’s also cash only but I’m sure you have plenty of singles any time you goto a strip club so you should be covered.

BJ’s doesn’t discriminate.  You’ll see strippers of all shapes and sizes.  If beat-up strippers aren’t your thing, they do have a game room with a pool table and a couple arcade machines to pass the time while your friends are getting lap dances and catching something that has yet to be identified.  Hungry?  They have a vending machine that’s sparsely stocked and if you need a condom that’s guaranteed to break and make you a daddy with an untreatable burn, look no further than either of their men’s rooms.

Craft beer here?  Nope, but they have PBR tallboys which are going to be your best bet.  Grab a couple and watch the fun.  BJ’s is always a good time.  Don’t miss the Sunday meat raffles (yes, they really have a meat raffle at a strip club).


Plenty of on-site parking in the lot at BJ’s.  Make sure to hide your valuables as it’s not the greatest area.


  • Daily: Noon – 1am

BJ’s was even awarded the best strip club in the Twin Cities by City Pages back in 2001.  How much more legit can it get?